Human Lanterns (1982)

The one attempt at merging horror with kung-fu that you’ve probably heard of is The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires from 1974. That one gets all the attention because not only was it the Shaw Brothers taking care of the kung-fu side of things, but it was Hammer Horror taking care of the Dracula …

Crimes of the Future (2022)

OK, here we go, David Cronenberg returns to the big screen after some years. And with the tag line ‘Surgery is the New Sex’, I suspect things are gonna get icky. But it isn’t that at first. At first, surgery is the new performance art. Viggo Mortensen and his female companion are performance artists. She’s …

Hey everybody. Anders of B-movie Roundup here. Just getting started with this thing.
I had gotten into the habit of posting movie reviews in one of the FB movie groups I’m in. I could usually get to three per week. It’s the absolute best FB group ever, but it’s a private group, so nobody outside of that group could ever see my reviews.
So I thought I’d start a blog and post them here as well. Not that I’m any expert or celebrity or authority myself. Although I am an audio engineer, video editor, musician and composer and I have written music and sound design for horror movies before, and I’ve just loved these types of movies for decades. So ya, maybe I am an expert.
It started off as just me keeping notes for myself about what movies I’ve watched. Those notes, and these reviews, are concise. Short. Thumbnails. It seems like with many movie review sites, the authors write lengthy essays on the movies, exhaustive articles that leave no aspect of the movie unexamined. That’s all well and good, and I like reading those, but that’s not what I do.
I expect that I’ll focus mainly on newer movies. Like many people, I love the movies of the golden age of horror most, from the 70s and especially the 80s. But I’ve watched all of those so many times, that these days I’m checking out all the fresh meat. Every once in a while I’m sure I’ll get around to watching and writing up a review of one of the classics. Hell, every once in a while I’ll still dig up some flick that I’ve never seen from that era or never even heard of that turns out to be the best thing ever. I love it when that happens.
As with anybody with any sense of journalistic integrity, I will approach every single movie as objectively as possible. Although I will say up front that I’m really not a fan, generally speaking, of comedy-horror. I like the classics (Return of the Living Dead, Dead Alive, Brain Damage…), but the only way I’ll review a comedy-horror here is if I just stumble into one, thinking it was a straight-up horror movie. I’ll still be objective about it, and if it’s a good movie, I’ll call it a good movie.
Also, I have no sponsorships, no connections with anybody, nobody is paying me in any way for any of the reviews. I watch what I want and write exactly what I feel. End of line.
For some other blogs that I’ve had in the past, I’ve mirrored them on WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, Facebook and Ello. But, that’s a lot of work. With this one, I think I’ll just stick with WordPress. Is this what people use for these days? Eh, whatever, they can do what they want. I’ll just stick with WordPress. Still working on art and formatting and stuff, so it still should be a while before I start posting reviews.
Let me know if you have any questions, critiques, comments, criticisms or suggestions. Thanks.

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